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Application of Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Fresh Lychee Cold Chain Transportation

pageview: 2021-04-25

Lychee is a fruit that many people like in summer. However, lychees are generally only abundant in southern China. So how do people in other places taste fresh and delicious lychees? Of course, this is inseparable from a dedicated temperature and humidity recorder for cold chain transportation.

First of all, let's take a look at food cold chain transportation, which means that in the process of food transportation, whether it is loading, unloading, handling, changing transportation methods, changing packaging equipment, etc., the food being transported is always kept at a certain temperature.

The suitable environmental conditions for storing lychee are temperature of 1~3℃ and relative humidity of 90%~95%. During transportation, we need to use sensor technology to keep the environment of vehicles transporting litchi within this condition.

Before transporting lychees, we first install several wireless temperature and humidity recorders in the refrigerated compartment where the temperature and humidity need to be monitored, and send the data to the on-board host through the wireless temperature and humidity recorder to realize signal transmission, which will play a role in the environment during transportation. Monitoring, data storage, over-limit alarm, Bluetooth printing and other functions.

By logging in to the cloud platform, the shipper, receiver, and transport driver can view real-time and historical data throughout the transportation process, and check whether there is an alarm for temperature and humidity exceeding the limit. When the vehicle arrives, the driver can also print out the temperature and humidity conditions of the whole transportation with a small ticket by connecting to a Bluetooth printer, and hand it to the consignee together.

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