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Freshliance Thermis Tag Temperature Indicator

  Thermis Tag time temperature indicator can be sticked on package to monitor temperature real time. When the surrounding temperature is out of the pre-setting temperature threshold, the red light will flash to indicate. This alarm is irrevocable. we could set single-event or cumulative time/temperature alarms, it is an idea solution for vaccine, protein or any temperature sensitive products shipment monitoring.

   As a electrical product, its advantage is obviously see from the temperature range, the range can be set with high and low temerature, replace a new warmMark and ColdMark with one product. the high and low temperature range can be setted easily with free cost.

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  • Single use, color-changing temperature indicator

  • Available in 2 or 7 temperature points

  • Irreversible alarm status

  • Serial Number on each label for traceability

  • Indicates cumulative exposure above temperature threshold in degree hours

  • Up to 400 working days


  1. 1

    Low consumptionLow consumption long standby time shelf life 18 months

  2. 2

    Alarming range can be customerizedSingle alarm / Cumulative alarm

  3. 3

    Irreversible alarm status The alarm status is irrevocable

  4. 4

    Working time400 days(adjustable)

Shelf life
18 months
Working time
400 days (adjustable)
Battery3.0V CR2032 Lithium batteryAccuracy
Temperature range-30℃ —+70Alarming range
Interval time≥10sStart delay
10 mins
Protection gradeIP68StandardCE,EN12830 compliance


The importance of temperature logging in cold chain transportation for perishable product especially for medical.Non breaking cold chain could guarantee food products retaining their high quality and optimum shelf life.

The meat and fish products,also called frozen food, it is especially important that the growth of microbes is kept as low as possible by maintaining temperature threshold values.

The cold chain performance temperature logger is a necessary evidence for the produce owner and the coldchain carrier if the cold chain performance objection is required.

The environmental condition of temperature-sensitive products must be carefully monitored and documented during handling and storage to ensure food safety, quality and longer shelf life, especially for highly perishable products such as produce, dairy, seafood, meat and poultry and floral product.

Freshliance provide all kinds temperature logging or temperature and humidity data logging solutions to make sure every change in whole cold chain solution will be traced and recorded irreversible, PDF Logging,CSV temperature history, on line IOT logging in any format are available.

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