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Bluetooth Temperature Logger for Lobster Transportation

pageview: 2021-11-05

With the development of the fresh cold chain logistics system, it is not difficult for people to eat fresh lobsters. Cold chain transportation shortens the distance between the table and the place of production. However, how to ensure the freshness of lobsters during transportation? Our data logger is the best answer.

But first, let's have a deeper understanding of lobster. Start with what a lobster is.

What is a lobster?

All lobsters are Decapoda (have 5 sets of legs) omnivores that feed on plants, fish, and other crustaceans at night. Lobsters are known for their fierce cannibalism in times of captivity, and they all molt (shed their skin) numerous times throughout their lifespans to support their growth. 

These strange invertebrate crustaceans live singly, carried by their mother for a whole year, and then venture out on their own. They can regenerate lost limbs and live in the wild for up to 50 years! They also taste with their legs, chew with their stomach, have their brain in their throat, and kidneys in their heads.

Types of Lobster

Cold Water Lobster

Also known as "true" or "clawed" lobsters, these lobsters belong to the family Nephropidae because of their three prominent sets of claws. These clawed creatures have become the expected experience when dining out or shopping in the market. Many people prefer claw meat to tail meat, making cold water lobster a specialty all over the world. Cold water lobsters are more precious than all other species because of their sweetness and briny richness.

Warm Water Lobster

These species are also called "rock lobster", "spiny lobster" or "false lobster" because they are actually a large crayfish and do not belong to the family Nephropidae which comprises lobsters. Although they have five appendages, they have no front claws. They are mainly distributed along the coastline of California and the Caribbean, and are harvested mainly in winter. Warm water lobsters are usually cheaper and are known for their excellent source of tail meat. 

The Best Lobster

Cold water lobsters, especially those from Maine, are famous all over the world for their sweet and tender meat. Because the waters of Maine are warmer than those of Canada, their lobsters tend to be softer, the meat is more tender, and the overall taste of Lobsters is better. Cold water lobsters from Maine provide the world's most coveted tail. Cold-water lobster from Maine provides the most coveted tails in the world.

Temperature data logger for lobster transportation

As a professional company providing cold chain solutions, we provide temperature data logger, temperature and humidity temperature data logger and Bluetooth temperature sensor, etc, to help you monitor and record the temperature during lobster transportation.

BlueTag T10 is our newly upgrade Bluetooth thermometer which has Bluetooth wireless transmission function. You can check real time temperature by the APP on the phone. It is very convenient.

Tagplus-TH Multi-use Temperature and humidity Data Loggers USB PDF Multipurpose is our newly designed multi-use temperature and humidity data logger, you can configure it before use according to your needs. It can monitor the temperature and humidity during lobster transportation.