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Temperature Data Recorder for Shipping of Cherry

pageview: 2021-11-19

Cherries are regarded as a high value, sought after product. Sea shipments can be successful, but very strict temperature control must be exercised. During the process of cherry transportation, temperature data logger can be a best solution to monitor and record the in-transit temperature.

Cherry is very soft, has a tender skin, ripens fairly fast and is therefore regarded as very sensitive to handling and transport. Fast cooling to -0,5ºC immediately after harvest and not allowing the pulp temperature to exceed 0ºC during handling and transport is the key to successful sea shipment. Sweet cherries are not sensitive to chilling temperatures and should be stored as cold as possible without freezing. Cherries also do not have a long storage and shelf life and should therefore be handled without delay to ensure they are offered to the retail market within 21 days from picking. 

During the transportation, temperature monitoring and recording is the top priority, and temperature data recorder series provided by our company will be the best solution.

Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger has compact, cost-effective and lightweight design. With IP 67 waterproof package, it can be placed in the van. The data logger has multiple trips of 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days even 120 days available to choose. The monitor data can be directly read via PDF format by PC at destination. 

 USB Temperature Data Logger

Tagplus-T/TH Multi-use Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers USB PDF Multipurpose is ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity during cherry transportation. The logger has LCD display to show all parameters, and you can configure it before use according to your needs.

Multi-use Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

BlueTag T10 is a compact Bluetooth temperature data logger. Bluetooth Connection through APP, you can scan code on the cherry package to read the temperature data without unpacking. And download data from cloud online. It is very convenient.
Bluetooth temperature data logger

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