Temperature Humidity Recorders Functions for Archives Libraries Museums Labs

pageview: 2018-08-21

According to the statistics of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage: 55.6% of the cultural relics in the collections have been damaged to varying degrees, mainly because the warehouse environment is not up to standard. The main fundamental factor for environmental failure is the unreasonable environmental temperature and humidity.

The influence of temperature on cultural relics:

1. Rising temperature will accelerate the physical change of cultural relics, especially on paper, silk cultural relics, porcelain, calligraphy and painting.

2. An increase in temperature will accelerate the rate of chemical reaction. In particular, the aging of metal cultural relics and paper cultural relics will increase.

3. The temperature of the warehouse is too high, which provides a living environment for harmful substances. The best temperature for microbial growth is 25~37℃, and the temperature for pest growth is 22~32℃. Within this range, every 10°C increase will increase the reproduction speed of pests.

4. When the warehouse temperature rises, it will accelerate the expansion and contraction of the collection, especially for the collections that are old, the damage will be greater.

5. The temperature of the warehouse is too low, especially the structure of paper cultural relics, the lightness and quality of paper will have a direct impact.

The impact of humidity on cultural relics

1. The increasing humidity will increase the content of inorganic salts in the air and cause metal corrosion. The common patina of Qinggang ware has a lot to do with high humidity.

2. High humidity will accelerate the hydrolysis of paper cellulose in paper cultural relics and reduce the durability of paper.

3. High humidity in the warehouse will aggravate the damage of harmful gases and dust. In particular, paper fibers will absorb moisture, causing the paper to become wet and swelling problems, which will cause great damage to cultural relics, calligraphy and painting.

4. Excessive humidity promotes the reproduction of harmful organisms, and objects are prone to mold, which can cause paper writing to fade.

5. The humidity level causes deformation or cracking of wood, paper and silk items. Affect the value of cultural relics.

Functions of temperature and humidity recorder:

1. Real-time monitoring and automatic regulation of temperature and humidity. The temperature and humidity collector will monitor the cultural relics in the museum 24 hours a day.

2. The value exceeds the limit alarm. The temperature and humidity collector will monitor the data through the system software to adjust the environmental values in each warehouse in the museum, and display it on the platform computer. If the temperature and humidity data continues to exceed the limit after the normal operation of the equipment, the system will automatically determine the abnormal situation and Send SMS and email alerts to the administrator, and the font color of this data will change to red when displayed on the platform. When the on-site environment exceeds the set range, the system sends a command signal to the industrial control module to automatically turn on and off the purification and disinfection equipment.

3. System remote monitoring. The equipment is monitored in real time for 24 hours, and the data can be viewed remotely on the mobile phone and PC, and the upper and lower limits of the data can be adjusted.

4. The platform has the functions of displaying, analyzing and storing monitoring data. The sensor uploads the monitoring data to the system, and the platform displays the data through lists, electronic maps, etc., and saves the data to the computer. Managers can download and print the data as a report or for reference as needed.