Temperature Monitoring Solution for Pharmacy

pageview: 2018-08-21

When sends vaccines, they always travel directly by plane from the manufacturer as refrigerated cargo to the country where they will be used. Once they land, they are stored in cold rooms before being distributed to regional and sub-regional cold storage facilities by refrigerated vehicle. From storage facilities down to the village level, health workers carry vaccines in cold boxes and vaccine carriers, traveling by car, motorcycle, bicycle, donkey, camel or on foot to immunize every last child, even in the most remote of villages.

Storage and transport equipment such as cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers, cold boxes and vaccine carriers must comply with performance standards.  Any temperature abuse, either above or below the safe limit, can result in compromised efficacy or even total loss of products.

Freshliance provide reliable temperature data loggers, solutions for monitoring environmental conditions to help improve cold chain management from manufacturing and distribution, to storage at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and pharmacies.